We are a world wide dog registry for Working Breed of Dogs . Since, 2006 the services we offer are as follows : You can register your dog and kennel name. Our data base for american pit bull terriers . Has up to 42,500 dogs in the data base. With our pedigree data base to keep all the dog pedigrees up to date. With a faster return service with your paper work.

Second, once you register with us you may also have your dog's DNA profiled are DNA Parentage Test. Along with registering your dog(s) , you also get a free DNA test kit per dog that is registered.

From the start of ANDR we try our best to keep our registry true from day one. For the purpose of keeping true a up to date records of pure breed dogs.
Run by true dog lover for true dog lover. That truly love there animals.

We have show and pull cards and offer Legal Aid Services.


ANDR Dog Show